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A strong warehousing and distribution partner is important for success in this current global environment. Starlite Express Delivery 's integrated solutions help to reduce your logistics costs and inventory levels. It is easy to react and adapt to the latest market trends, as you minimize your operational costs and investment risks with our integrated approach.

Understand your business:
We know which questions to ask to make sure we understand your needs. Our goal is to simplify your tasks to increase your productivity using our comprehensive, dedicated warehousing and distribution network to quickly scale to meet the obligations of your clients.

Warehousing facilities:
Warehousing services offered byStarlite Express Delivery occupy around 20,000 sq.ft of secured, professionally managed, dry storage area, in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and America Head Office Address.

We have been providing comprehensive warehousing services for more than 25 years. With a diversified portfolio and industry experience, we strategically offer:

Complete facility storage services with flexible spacing and labor, depending upon your seasonal demands and peak hours.
Our warehouse is housed near major airports to allow immediate transportation and hence we can easily manage your inventory emergencies, and capacity shortages.
Geographically, our facilities are centrally located, ensuring faster transportation of same day and next day deliveries.

Public warehousing:
Starlite Express Delivery offers public warehousing facilities with flexible space, at a flexible cost, depending on your business needs.

Contract warehousing:
Companies that have specific needs with pre-scheduled shipping, receiving, and storage schedules can take advantage of the cost savings offered through contract warehousing.

Cross docking:
With our cross docking facilities, you can obtain significant and solid savings on the freight charges and definitely mitigate warehousing fares by reducing the amount of time that your product is in storage.

Starlite Express Delivery uses an advanced WMS System (Warehouse Management System) and TMS (Transportation Management System) to keep track of your inventory and delivery activity. We also have EDI, RF scanning and online inventory tracking abilities. In fact, using this technology allows us to provide you with the latest inventory availability information to enhance your supply chain visibility.

Pick and pack
Starlite Express Delivery has abundant experience in pick/pack operations, which involve breaking up pallets and transporting individual cases or the repacked cases, according to your specifications.

Beyond the above said services, we also include:

Yard management
Order processing, both outbound and inbound
Barcoding, labeling, quality control and re-packaging
Vendor or carrier performance
Load building
Static & dynamic replenishment
Many value added services