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Starlite Express Delivery was established in January 1975 as a Husband and wife partnership, Starlite Express Delivery started with just Ten vehicles. After six months it had expanded to Twenty vehicles gaining a reputation of reliability with a friendly approach to its customers. In September 1979 the company was incorporated and became a limited company with the Head office based in Manchester , United Kingdom. The company started by offering Next Day or Same Day delivery options. Starlite Express Delivery Ltd and their staff pride themselves on being able to handle with care all types of items ranging from delicate filtration equipment for hospital operating theatres to large awkward sign boards, all items are handle with the same care. The company then expanded into the international Delivery Service and then we soon gained a reputation for delivering Medical and associated products to patients in their own homes a reputation that has only got better and better over the last 10 years. The aim of the company is to expand further on the success of Starlite Express Delivery (SED) reputation and to provide the highest quality service in the area. The commitment to reliability, efficiency and confidentiality extends throughout our operation from our control room staff to our couriers. We all realise that as a service provider we are representing our clients when we make deliveries on their behalf.

Starlite Express Delivery is a one-stop shop for getting your parcel from A to B. We work with individuals sending the occasional care package to their loved ones living abroad, as well businesses sending regular shipments around Europe, America, Europe, Asia and beyond. Our delivery experts talk to businesses and create individual discounted shipping plans based on volume and destinations of weekly or monthly shipments. Starlite Express Delivery uses its strategic logistics partners to deliver an outstanding parcel delivery service worldwide. Our partners include DHL, FedEx, GLS, Crane, Air Aqua, Aramax, etc. Many of the Starlite Express Delivery customers are former Post Office users. Instead of driving to the Post office, parking, queuing, driving home again, these customers book on line with Starlite Express Delivery and we collect from their door. And, on many options, Starlite Express Delivery are over 50% cheaper than the competition, including the Post Office. Starlite Express Delivery is part of Titan Logistics. Titan, established in 2011 is a Clare based , globally recognized corporation with a strong focus on smart Supply Chain and innovative Logistics Solutions. Today Titan is a trusted partner to many companies, start-ups, SME's and multinationals. Starlite Express Delivery is reliable, has the infrastructure and partner network of Titan Logistics, and is driven to be the best parcel delivery company.

During early 2007 it was decided to invest in a tracking system for our delivery vehicles that could incorporate a routing facility that would provide information on when where and how a delivery was made. This system was trailed with TomTom Work and was very successful. TomTom work was when fitted to all our vehicles by our own in-house fitter. In late 2007 in conjunction with our TomTom Work project Starlite Express Delivery Ltd are proud to announce the launch of www.briskholmesdel.co.uk This will give new and existing clients the facility of consignment tracking and online ordering for collections. During the last few years of unforeseen weather conditions it has been decided to provide each one of our depots with a 4 wheel drive vehicle to aid recovery of stranded delivery vehicles and if necessary deliver consignments urgently required to locations that it would be impossible for a normal vehicle to achieve.

Our Courier Franchisees offer a cost effective, reliable, timetable courier service, backed up by the latest computer technology and online parcel track and trace facilities, making Starlite Express Delivery (SED) the ideal choice for individal consumers, small to medium sized businesses as well as leading interational e-Tailers. If you're looking for cost effective, reliable, quick and efficient courier services, then Starlite Express Delivery will have your collection and delivery completed exactly how you want it. We know that's what you're looking for when you want to send a parcel and that's what Starlite Express Delivery, a courier service that prides itself on offering all this and more, is all about. If you didn't already know, Starlite Express Delivery Ltd is an international delivery's parcel collection service and offers a fully online package, meaning you can book a courier collection online on a date to suit you and Starlite Express Delivery will deal with your delivery quickly and professionally. We also offer parcel tracking to all clients and customers, meaning you can see exactly where your parcel is. Your delivery is what matters and Starlite Express Delivery Ltd have a wealth of parcel delivery experience to draw on, meaning when you send a parcel you can rest easy knowing that it's in safe hands. The advantage of using Starlite Express Delivery Ltd over using other standard postal services is that you'll avoid traffic, queues, parking and high parcel delivery prices.

Quality Policy

Quality, in logistics, is about having no errors in shipments, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, excellent alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance. With Spareway, it's also about finding ways to constantly move the bar higher. You can't achieve quality if you don't know what it truly means to your customer. So we begin by studying your service expectations, business objectives, and regulatory requirements.
Then we implement our Quality Management System, which provides clear direction for your workforce. Based on ISO 9001 principles, our system emphasizes customer focus, associate involvement, and continual improvement. Each site completes a monthly scorecard. The results are reviewed by senior management to identify successes and opportunities for improvement.